Peptide Conjugation / Modifications



N,C-terminal  Modification Special Amino acid Fluorescence/Dye labeling Cyclic Peptide Quenched Fluorescent Peptide Multiple Antigenic Peptide System
Acetylation (N-Terminal), D-Arg, D-Cys, D-Asp, D-Asn, D-Glu, D-Gln, D-Ser, D-His, D-Thr, D-Trp, D-Leu,D-Ile, D-Met, D-Pro, D-Val ,D-Phe, pGlu, Hyp, D-Lys,D-Tyr, D-Orn, Orn, Abu, Aib, (D)1-Nal, (D)2-Pal, (D)4-Cl-Phe, Nva, Nle, Hse, Hcy, Pen, Mpa,N-Methyl amino acid (Ala, Phe, Leu, Ile, Val, Gly, Met),Other amino acid, Dinitrobenzoylation (Lys), Lys(Me2), Phosphorylation (Tyr, Ser, Thr, single site), Tyr(SO3H2), Ser(octanoic acid) Biotin (N-Terminal, Y/N Ahx), Disulfide bridge 1st Abz/ Tyr (3-NO2), Asymmetric 4 branches
HYNIC (N-Terminal), Biotin (Lys in sequence) Disulfide bridge 2nd EDANS/DABCYL Asymmetric 8 branches
DTPA (N-Terminal), Biotin (without Lys in sequence) Disulfide bridge 3rd    
Formylation (N-Terminal) FITC/5-FAM (N-Terminal, Y/N Ahx) Amide cyclic (Side chain, end)    
Fatty acid (N-Terminal) Dansyl (N-Terminal, Y/N Ahx)      
Myristic acid (N-Terminal) MCA (N-Terminal)      
Palmytolyl (N-Terminal) p-Nitroanilide(pNA, C-Terminal)      
Benzyloxycarbonylation  (CBZ) AMC (C-Terminal)      
Amidation (C-Terminal)        
Succinylation (Suc, N-Terminal)        



Please contact us, at for a quotation if you are interested in the services. We will quote promptly after reviewing the structure of the peptide within 24 hours.



We provide competitive price for our customer.



For research purposes we offer peptides in quantities ranging from 10mg to 10g. EpiGex has also the capacity to scale your peptide up to kilogram quantities.


Delivery Time

Approximately 1 week for unpurified peptides and 2 weeks for purified peptides.


Analytical data

Peptides are standard delivered with analytical HPLC chromatogram, MS data and synthesis report.



We maintain absolute confidentiality. If necessary, we will sign a confidential agreement before receiving your peptide structure




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