Custom Antibody Production






Our goal is to provide the best antibody products and services thanks to advanced production equipment and antibody technical experts. We can provide a one-stop service to all our customers' antibody needs. EpiGex provides peptide design and synthesis, protein expression and purification and also provides multi-faceted and flexible polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production, affinity purification, identification and labelling service. Indeed, EpiGex proposes different packaging (MonoGex Pack 1 to MonoGex Pack 6; PolyGex Pack 1 to PolyGex Pack 11) corresponding to the addition of the different steps of antibody synthesis from the design of the antigen up to large scale production of purified antibodies.


We offer our customers the right expertise, quality services and highly competitive price.


Antibody services




Additional services complementary to antibody synthesis


  • Antigen preparation service
  • - Peptide design

    - Peptide synthesis

    - Peptide conjugation

    - Protein expression production


  • Antibody identification service
  • - ELISA

    - Dot Blot

    - Western Blot

    - IHC (Immunohistochemistry)


  • Antibody labeling service
  • - HRP (Horseradish peroxidase)

    - Biotin


  • Purification of antibodies
  • - Column purified

    - Precipitation

    - Affinity purified


  • Antibody production
  • - Ascites





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