HeLa cell line stably expressing 

FLAG-HA tagged histone H3.3


Catalog # : EPX-12-CL


Source : Human


Format : 1ml frozen cell vial containing 1 x 106 cells






Human HeLa Cell line stably expressing N-terminal FLAG-HA tagged histone H3.3.



Cell Line validation :


Expression of histone H3.3 is confirmed by immunodetection and confocal microscopy. Stable expression over multiple cell passages is confirmed. The doubling time for the cell line was approximately 20 h for the linear section of the growth curve. Mycoplasma negative by DNA staining and direct culture methods.





HeLa cell line stably expressing C-terminal FLAG-HA tagged human histone H3.3. Left panel corresponds to immunodetection of H3.3 with the anti-HA antibody. Right panel shows the Dapi DNA staining.


Application Notes:


For research use only.





Liquid nitrogen





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